Encrypted Private Messages on the SOLANA Blockchain

Welcome to Mutineer At Work

Encrypted Private Messages on the Solana Blockchain

Token : $MTNR
CA : 6CQAa5dVMDKFuz3gwkzwFBpoNQUv8rAze6vo51DLUfMo

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First steps

We are getting ready to take the first steps.

Mutineer Encrypted Private Messages

We are working on a tool that uses the Solana Blockchain to send and receive encrypted text messages between wallets.

Continuous Growth

In the coming months we will look for partners, investors and people who support our efforts. Let’s grow together.


$MTNR is will be the token of Mutineer At Work. Help us to make our start a success and buy some.

“Let’s make messages more private”